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B.YONEST NEWZ.. DEMI MOORE “bush pic” A FAKE B.YONEST NEWZ.. Is that REALLY Demi Moore’s “jay jay”.???

вторник, 6 октября 2009 г.

THE NUMBER ONE TOPIC ON GOOGLE HAS TO BE A JOKE. It has to be a spoof picture because there is NO WAY Demi Moore would allow this to surface and be a real picture. The most “googled” topic right now is “Demi Moore bush Pic.” Since I’m an extreme blogger and a celebrity enthusiast, I thought I’d bring you the picture and let you decide for yourself if it’s real or fake.. BRACE YOURSELF….. BRACE YOURSELF….

AGAIN, I think this picture is a fraud. A complete fraudulent fake picture. I believe someone transposed her face and the extra bush on there truthfully. I can’t quite figure this one out, but it can’t be real.. I don’t know. You tell me. Real or Fake “jay jay” shot? I SAY F.A.K.E. BIG TIME.. ALL HAIL….


Demi Moore's Bush Is Thick

And it's motherfucking scary. You can just imagine the crabs that must be crawling on the shit.

Real? Fake?

Actually Demi Moore bush picture is very nice picture very nice if you are sawtching this photo using site it is very impressive and beautiful. Actually that time Demi Moore considered us one of the best picture ever since. If you looked the past picture of Demi Moore it is very nice a child wearing all white. And now the was started theirs a lot of changes about Demi Moore bush picture it is not like with the old Demi Moore bush picture because the picture now is very parental, almost of Demi Moore bush picture now her body is almost naked specially her cleavage it is like a sexy star or maybe a bold star for me. In 25 years there are a lot of changes about Demi Moore bush life.